What you always wanted to know . . .

Simple explanations of some key climate change topics.

The Power Grid
What's this stability issue?
Climate Science
ABC's pocket guide to Climate Change
Worsening bushfire conditions leading to horrendous fire storms
About Coal
Burning coal or gas produces carbon dioxide which blankets the earth creating a 'greenhouse' effect . . .
How your solar rooftop cuts emissions
What effect does one household switching to solar power actually have on greenhouse gas emissions? 

Go greener at home
Ways to save money, energy and emissions around the house 

How to price carbon
Some of the ways for governments to provide financial incentives or penalties to reduce CO2 emissions 

Pumped Hydro
Is it a generator - or a battery? How does it work? What is Snowy 2.0?

The Hydrogen Economy
Clean energy as a $bn export, or just a dream?