Ocean currents moving poleward at 1km/year
Soot from burning Amazon forests melting Andes glaciers

Intense Indian Dipole: drought in Aus, floods in E Africa
A third of methane increase linked to tropical Africa

We risk sleepwalking past point of no return - Guterres

Only drastic action can save us now - UN report
... must cut emissions 7.6% every year for ten years ...
... Tipping points already being hit - Nature paper
We could be headed for a 4C warmer world by 2100 - how that would look

Declining seasonal temperature range hints AGW started by 1860

Ocean waves getting stronger

Tipping points may form chain reaction
Warming could reach 3°-5°C by 2100 - WMO

Study finds 467 routes by which warming impacts humanity
see also
The warming different countries' policies would lead to if adopted globally

Co-extinction makes a 5°-6°C warming catastrophic for most species

Ten ways climate change makes bushfires worse

Dire IPCC report leaves out tipping point risks

Stopping at 1.5C warming could make a world of difference

Geology shows we may have grossly underestimated risks

Increasingly possible to apportion blame for extreme weather - M.Mann

Need urgent and drastic action to stay under 1.5C warming - UN
... will require 50% greater rate of renewables investment - report
Satellites increasingly monitor earth state

Still possible to stay under 1.5°C by 2100

Summary of impacts - NASA

Exceeding 2°C increase will desertify 25% of planet by 2050 - study

Warming pause never happened - the Arctic was heating most
Interactive map of forecast for major cities

World's seven most vulnerable populations

GHGs at highest atmospheric level in 800,000 years

Study finds unprecedented assault on oceans by 2030

Methane emissions from oil production far higher than thought

Hotter Arctic soils emitting more CO2 than the plants can absorb
Even with Paris deal we're headed for 3.4°C warming - UNEP

In 2015, half of world's new power generation was renewables

World at its hottest for 115,000 years 


The challenge, in graphs


CO2 level

Atmospheric CO2




GHG emissions




Emissions headed for new peak of 37bn tonnes
China's emissions might never top 2013 peak

From 2020, sulphur permitted in ship fuel cut from 3.5% to 0.5%

US methane emissions 60% higher than had been thought



Emissions steady for third year
Global greening taking up more CO2, but not enough to halt warming

CH4 from oil and gas industries 25% higher than thought
... while budget for 2°C halves

Ice caps and glaciers

Why do these matter?

  • Land ice volume:  if all land ice were to melt seas would rise 60m.
  • Sea ice extent: a wider area of ice reflects more sunlight and slows global warming.
  • Sea ice volume: thin ice melts rapidly in the summer.
  • Salinity: melting ice makes fresh water, changing circulation patterns
  • Billions of people depend on glaciers to provide water through the summer.
Ice extent is much easier to measure than ice volume, but varies more erratically.  Much variation results from changing ocean currents.

Trick question: If the Greenland ice sheet were to melt, what would happen to the sea level at its shoreline? Answer here.


Greenland ice sheet melting at near record rate
Ice cap melt six times faster than in 1990s

New vulnerability in Antarctic ice sheet threatens 1.5m sea rise

West Antarctic ice sheet melt becoming unstoppable

Antarctica's Pine Is. Glacier calves 300 sq km berg

Beaufort Gyre faster and fresher; wind change could disrupt Gulf Stream

Greenland's ice sheet melting seven times faster than in 1990s
Melting Himalayan glaciers form lakes threatening villages
... 1.9bn people at risk from losing them
Peruvian glaciated area shrank 30% in 16 years

Greenland's Helheim glacier to lose 400Gt ice this summer

Underwater glacial melt underestimated by factor of 100

After 2014 peak, Antarctic sea ice crashes to lowest in the 45 years of records

1970s US spy satellite footage shows 25% of Himalayan ice has melted since

Arctic permafrost loss 70 years ahead of expectation

Antarctic ice loss accelerating, 100m gone in places

Ross Ice Shelf melting far faster than thought

Satellites show poles warming faster than believed

2/3 of European Alp glacier ice to melt by 2100

1400km2 iceberg to calve off Antarctica

Lakes under Antarctica's Totten glacier will accelerate ice loss

Arctic to warm 3-5C even if Paris targets met

Increased rainfall melting Greenland's icecap

Rapid Arctic warming set to continue for over 100 years

A third of Himalayan glaciers doomed - report

Greenland icecap melting four times faster over 15 years

Antarctic losing ice 6x faster over 40 years

Melting Greenland ice cap releasing methane

Arctic air warming at double global average rate
Greenland melt accelerating more than expected

Delayed Arctic freeze threatens polar bears with extinction
Yukon glaciers melting faster than expected

Melting French glaciers make trails unsafe
Worrying ice loss from major Antarctic glaciers

Canadian glaciers disappearing

Antarctic uplift may help slow melting

Antarctic melt rate triples in five years

Russian ice mass loss rate doubled in ten years

Dust and soot exacerbating Greenland melt

Alaskan glacier melt fastest in 400 years

Record hot summer for NZ and sea surface temperature in Tasman

Hidden underwater Antarctic ice melt doubling each 20 years

Arctic sea ice winter peak second lowest on record

W Greenland ice sheet melt fastest in centuries

Collapse of two Tibetan glaciers linked to climate change


2017 saw lowest winter sea ice extent on record in Arctic
European ski season losing losing 6 days each decade

Ice cliff instability explains how sea level could rise 2m by 2100

Strengthening winds melting Antarctica faster

Even 1.5C warming will melt a third of Asian ice by 2100

Ice melt in Antarctica leads to warmer Northern Hemisphere

Losing ice could release Antarctic volcanoes
Loss of Western (smaller) Antarctic ice sheet would not threaten the Eastern
Alps crumble as ice melts

Some worrying records that don't make the headlines

Methane eruptions and anthrax outbreaks in Siberia
Unprecedented vast pond formed on W Antarctic shelf

Greenland melt will cause droughts in N. Africa

Permafrost thaw releasing potent GHG N2O

2nd largest Antarctic ice shelf, Filchner-Ronne, could go this century

Larsen B ice shelf crack lengthens and splits

Antarctic Peninsula Ice loss rate may have been overestimated

Before and after shots illustrate retreat

Arctic sea ice at record lows for most of last 12 months

Sea ice low at both poles

Half of Arctic ice loss might be natural swing

Even 2oC might mean ice-free Arctic summers

130,000 sq km Canadian permafrost melting
 [that's two Tasmanias - Ed]
Canadian glacier melt raising sea levels

Antarctic sea ice at lowest extent on record

OMG project studies how Oceans are Melting Greenland

Unprecedented "heatwave" continues in Arctic
Antarctica to shed iceberg twice the size of the ACT
... split lengthening 500m/day
Greenland melt could halt ocean circulation in 300 years


East Antarctic ice shelves looking less stable
Arctic 22oC hotter than average for time of year
... leading to record low sea ice for November
... and freezing winters for Northern Europe, US and Asia
La Paz running out of water

Deep N Atlantic coral threatened

Arctic an alarming 20oC above normal

80,000 reindeer died of starvation

Sea ice at record lows - at both poles at once!

West Antarctic glacier melt accelerates

Arctic sea ice extent second lowest on record

Bolivian glaciers shrank 43% in 30 years, lakes threaten villages

How ice streams drain Greenland's ice cap

Simulation confirms fossils: Antarctic sheets can collapse at present CO2 levels

Greenland ice loss accelerates to 0.01% per year
Nearly 2m US homes could be underwater by 2100
Rocks show West Antarctic Ice Sheet vulnerable during warmings
Alaskan village losing 3m shoreline a year relocates
Top arctic scientist alarmed by approaching tipping point

"Third Pole" glacier melt rate doubles
GW primary cause of W Antarctic Peninsula glaciers' retreat
Historic low for Arctic sea ice extent

Melting Everest glaciers threaten villages

Ice melt changes N pole's drift direction
Earth's own heat makes Greenland sheet less stable than thought

Arctic ice extent maximum hits new low record ...
... making matters worse for Greenland

Microcobes accelerate melting

600ppm CO2 identified as disaster threshold for Antarctic ice

Greenland ice sheet darkening, absorbing more sunlight
Feb Arctic sea ice extent more than 2 standard deviations below 30 year avg
European skiing on the rocks

Local melt rate 25x expected found in Antartica
Greenland Ice Sheet losing retention 

Sea level

Study confirms sea level rise of 3mm/y increases at 0.1mm/y each year 

Antarctic ice melt can be rapid
Revised analysis triples count of people flooded annually in 2050 to 300m

Rise accelerated through thermal expansion in the 1960s

Experts shift towards a 2m rise by 2100

Why rise is fastest in the tropics
Sea rise to be 30cm by 2100 from expansion alone

Long term sea rise: at +1.5°C, 2-3 metres; +2°C 9 metres
300,000 US homes threatened over next 30 years
... Florida "to be wiped off the map"
Half a degree more could flood 5m people

Each year's delay past 2035 in reaching net zero to add 4cm to rise
Louisiana may abandon coastal settlements


Updated study says 1-2.5m rise by 2100 under business-as-usual
Cease coal use by 2050 or seas will rise 1.3m
Solomons drowning
Carteret Islanders to become climate refugees

Accelerating rise confirmed
... highest rate on US E coast for 2000+ years
Drowning coastal "ghost" forestsPermafrost melt revives anthrax
NOAA lifts plausible 2100 rise to 2-2.7m
On Louisiana's coast seas rising 1cm/y

NOAA maps US coastal hazard

Geological evidence says 3C warming would mean 6-9m sea level rise 


Supermoon+CC=floods around US coasts
Business-as-usual to raise NY sea level 1m by 2100

Underlying rise accelerating
Five pacific islands have sunk

GHGs now principal cause of sea level rise
Antarctic icecap stability in question, seas may rise 2m by 2100
Why polar melt raises seas in other hemisphere more

20th century rise fastest in 3000 years

Consequences will last 10,000 years

Thermal expansion may be double what had been thought

Ocean Chemistry

Why ocean temperatures matter 

Warming waters suffocate fish in 700 "dead zones"
Fossils show business-as-usual will wipe out 75% marine life by 2100

Less CO2 stored as acidity shrinks phytoplankton

A 3-4°C rise would wipe out a sixth of marine biomass

Corals, algae show no adaptation to higher acidity

Acidification hotspots illustrate global future

Zooplankta have shifted 600km poleward

Warming oceans may sequester less carbon in sediment

CO2 levels in 2100 to match 55m years ago, killing oceans
Natural CO2 seeps off Japan show coral's vulnerability

Oceans to be most acidic for 14m years by 2100

Increased CO2 will favour weeds over kelp

Natural coal burning blamed for worst ever extinction

Business-as-usual to cut fisheries 20% by 2300

Reef foundations to dissolve in 30 years

Freshwater systems also acidifying

Record low pH found all along US W coast
West Arctic Ocean hard hit

Oxygen levels down 2% over 50 years

Algae may destroy corals by 2100


Barramundi particularly at risk
Fish brains harmed

Acidification fastest in 300m years

Oxygen depletion starting to show
Experimentally de-acidified reef thrives
Corals grow deformed, virus-prone

N Atlantic absorbing twice the CO2

CO2 disorienting fish


GW linked to droughts via Indian Ocean Dipole
Maps of fire, flood and drought threats in Europe 2100

Warming Mediterranean halved sardine weights in 10 years

Record 18.3°C recorded in Antarctica

Russian January average topped 0°C, first time on record
Unsurvivable 35C+100% humidity could hit parts of India by 2030

How "climate whiplash" increases fire risk
October another monthly record globally

Marine heatwaves can kill coral outright, not just bleach

European temperature records broken, then smashed

World's hottest June on record

Current commitments will lead to unaccetable 3C rise - UN climate chief

Urgent action now will help in 2040, but records to tumble until then

1000s of heat deaths annually mapped across USA for 3C rise

Civilisation at risk by 2050 - former chair of Aus Coal Assoc and former ADF Chief

Rain torrents increase with warming

How GW causes booms and busts in US tornado seasons

Devastating back-to-back heatwaves to become more common

Central Pacific El Ninos have tripled in 30 years

GW made hurricane Maria's devastation five times more likely

Canada warming at twice global rate

Ocean heat content at new record, 2m displaced by extreme weather - WMO

10% chance of exceeding 1.5C warming within 5 years - UK Met Office

Last four years hottest on record - UN's WMO

Warming could top 1.5C in five years - UK Met Office

Global rainfall becoming concentrated into fewer days per year
GW increased rainfall in recent hurricanes by 5-10%

Analysing mean rainfall trend hides increase in extreme events

Study confirms GW disrupting jet stream brings extreme weather to N Hemisphere

The mysterious "stilling": land surface winds are slowing  ...
... lowering potential for wind power in N Hemisphere
Devastating Kerala floods "in line with climate predictions"

800,000 hectares burn in US West Coast

Brace for four exceptionally warm years, at least
San Diego sea temperatures break 100+ year record

Time to panic? 2°C may be past tipping point into hothouse Earth

2017 was warmest non-El Niño year on record

400m may be displaced by 2100 as N. China plain turns uninhabitable

Greek holocaust a foretaste of 200,000 European heat deaths/y by 2100

Dozens die as Japan hits new record of 41.1C

Overnight minima rising faster than daytime maxima
... making densely populated areas uninhabitable
July temperature records smashed around the globe

Risk of 143m climate refugees by 2050 - World Bank
... as climate change adds $168bn to poor countries' interest bills
Early heat ruining Pakistan's harvests

Business as usual will lead to catastrophic 4°C warming by 2100

Warmest May on record for USA

Warming added 15-38% to Hurricane Harvey deluge
... while rising seas doubled coastal incursions in 30 years
N. American Central West arid zone advancing East at 5km/year

Accelerating collapse of Gulf Stream frightens scientists

Reservoirs shrinking in Morocco, Iraq, India and Spain

Gulf Stream at weakest in 1600 years

Marine heatwave days 54% more frequent than 100 years ago

Warm seas threaten Shark Bay seagrass, a major carbon store

E Med summer to last two months more by 2100

Climate change added 15% to hurricane Harvey's rain

All 571 European cities headed for worse extremes - study

Hot Feb shatters US records

Increasingly variable sea temperatures triggering droughts in Americas and Med

Blue ringed octopus extending S to Tasmania

Ocean temperature jumps to new high

2017 was hottest non-El Niño year on record

December: Alaska 9C above month's average, shattering record

Rising temperatures threaten marine food webs

Coral bleaching 5 times as frequent as 40 years ago

2016 weather extremes only possible with GW - Am. Met. Soc.
Melting Arctic to cool N. Europe

2017 shaping to be hottest non-El Niño year on record

Fish shrink as seas warm

Caspian sea level dropped 1.5m in 20 years

Threat to corn and wheat yields assessed

95% chance warming will exceed 2
°C by 2100 - study
Fossil fuel aerosols shifting rainfall patterns

Heading for hottest non-El Niño year on record

Pattern of Siberian forest fires continues

40% increase in hailstorm damage predicted for N. America

Accelerating temperature rise in Pyrenees

Wildfires getting more frequent and more severe around the world

Tropical waters empty as fish flee warming

US reefs to die within decades

Cities could get 8°C hotter

Staple crop yields to fall 23% by 2050s

GW tripling severe Sahel storms

Tropicalisation heads south on Aus' East and West coasts

Models show how climate change stalls weather systems, making floods and droughts

India's monsoons failing to replenish groundwater

Middle East and North Africa may become uninhabitable

Argo reveals growth of Ocean Heat Content by depth
Estimates of ocean heating rate raised by 13%
Why higher temperatures mean heavier rainfalls
NW Europe could cool 2-3°C in a decade as ocean circulation falters

Okies* hit with 37°C in winter's depth
*including Trump's EPA chief, denialist Pruitt
Global temperature record broken third year in a row

Global average surface temp for 2016 was 1.3°C above pre-Industrial

No slowdown in ocean warming...
... and global warming even faster than had been thought
UK to expect yearly major floods
In 2016, record highs outnumbered record lows in US 5:1


Amer. Met. Soc. links all 2015 extreme heat events to climate change ...
... (in pictures)
Wheat yields to decline

2016 headed for third consecutive temperature record breaker

New study says on course for 5-7°C of warming by 2100

2011-2015 hottest 5 year period on record

S. Spain, Sicily could be deserts by 2100

Climate change shown to cause Jet stream changes that freeze Europe, US

New England, US, lobsters moved 10°N to escape heat

Eucalypt habitats to shrink

Ocean circulation closely watched

July and August hottest two months on record

Krill breeding grounds at risk

Warming rate fastest in at least 1500 years - NASA

Middle East heatwave smashes records

60% Maldives' reefs bleached

NOAA report shows records toppling

Existing GHGs will push past 1.5°C warming
Canadian wildfires expected result of climate change

Reef death expands
March temperature record beaten by whopping 0.36°C
Much of Persian Gulf to be uninhabitable by 2100
GW as cause of Reef crisis incontrovertible - Prof. Hughes

Ganges water crisis deepens
With more CO2, plants won't keep us as cool

Mediterranean rivers to be a third drier by 2100

Warming may reach 1.5°C by 2020 - UoQ study

Feb most abnormally hot month on record, only 20% due to El Nino...
... only to be beaten by March
Longest coral bleaching on record continues

Warming rate 50x that of ice age exit
Deadly heat waves will be 20x as frequent
Diseases threaten marine life as waters warm

January temperatures smash records, again

Indian Ocean food chain collapsing
Map of temperature increases attributable to climate change

2015 temperature smashed records - official
Oceans heated as much in last 20 years as preceding 150
PDO phase threatens unprecedented warming rate
Mass Alaskan bird starvation may be down to climate change
Sth Africa suffers driest year on record

UK floods unprecedented



Policies, Commitments and Achievements


155 companies in RE100, drawing 72TWh/year of renewable power
Only 16 countries' targets comply with Paris

Peak coal looms, but not soon enough

International shipping to halve emissions by 2050

Low carbon investment far short of Paris commitments - UN

Gothenburg Protocol to add black carbon to pollution treaty

Large-scale solar nears 100GW


Global CO2 emissions fell 0.1% in 2015 ...
... but methane emissions surging
Marrakech round ends with 200 nations pressuring Trump to comply

Energy efficiency growing at 1-2% p.a. - IEA

40% of cities track their emissions
Paris agreement ratified; enters force 4th Nov
World's carbon energy intensity down a third in 25 years
Review of actions since Paris
23 countries sign agreement on aircraft emissions

Europe & Asia Minor

Austrian Greens+Right alliance commits to 100% renewables 2030, net zero 2040
Denmark's power was 50% solar+wind in 2019

Unsubsidised wind and solar to displace last Spanish coal plant
Ireland plans 70% renewables by 2030

Germany sets course for 98GW solar by 2030

Norway's sovereign wealth fund to dump another $8bn in coal investments

UK first major economy to legislate net zero emissions (2050)

Norway's huge oil fund cuts coal investment further, switches to solar and wind

Finland to ban coal power by 2029
UK plans a third of power from offshore wind by 2030

Germany to quit coal power by 2038, maybe sooner

Sweden to ban new petrol and Diesel cars by 2030

Orkney goes carbon negative on power

UK switched 30% of its power away from fossil fuels in 9 years

Kazakhstan to go green
In October, wind generated 98% of Scottish power demand

UK group prepared for civil disobedience

Denmark to ban petrol & Diesel car sales by 2030
... and Madrid bans such cars from city centre
Spain strikes deal with unions to shut most coal mines in 2018

Halogen lightbulbs to be phased out in EU

Electric, autonomous, container ship for Norway

Ireland aims for 55% renewables by 2030

Coal-dependent Poland lifts ambition

UK law allows minister to set usability standards for EV charging

Portugal to add 1GW solar to renewables mix over three years

£500m Energy Efficiency Fund for London

UK grid lifts EV uptake forecast to 36m by 2040

Wind growth led Spain to near 50% renewables in 1st half year

Irish Republic to divest from fossil fuels

400MWx6h pumped hydro proposed for Loch Ness

Netherlands to cut emissions 95% by 2050

UK to halve energy use in new buildings by 2030

EU raises reduction targets to 32% by 2030

Germany to miss 2020 emissions target, 32% down instead of 40%

French rush to take up EV incentive

Paris orders 1000 electric buses from 2020

Big rains get Portugal 100% renewable over March, fossil fuel retainers to end

EU carbon market taking effect, at last

UK power emissions down to 1890 levels - yes 1890, not 1990 - Ed

Rome to ban Diesel from centre by 2024

France plans all coal closed by 2021

EU Parliament seeks to lift renewables to 35% by 2030
... zero emissions by 2050
Germany lifts 2030 target to 65% renewables

Offshore wind hub, up to 30GW,  proposed for Dogger Bank

EU commits to 35% renewables by 2030
Germany to run H2-powered trains by 2021

Netherlands to quit coal power by 2030

UK launches ambitious Clean Growth strategy

Paris may ban petrol and Diesel cars by 2030

UK funding Liquid Air Energy Storage to stabilise grid

Turkey trots after Trump out of Paris

No new infernal combustion engines to be sold in France after 2040

25% of UK power renewable in Q1

30MW floating wind farm for Scotland

Sweden legislates net zero emissions by 2045

Transport pushed EU emissions up 0.5% in 2015

EC approves 17 GW of renewables in France

Oslo, London, Amsterdam lead cities' shift to clean transport
26/28 EU states commit to no new coal plant after 2020

EU emissions fell 11% in 2016

UK emissions lowest since 1920s

Spain finds the funds to restart renewables support

Ireland moves towards divesting Sovereign Wealth fund of fossil fuels

Heating Bordeaux suburbs with $60m geothermal

Scotland lifts emissions target to 66% below 1990 by 2032

Dutch trains run entirely on wind

To meet commitments, Spain launches 3GW renewable energy auction

Finland to abandon coal power
France to end coal power by 2023

German coalition agrees 80-95% emissions cut by 2050

France targets 28% from renewables by 2023
... as reliance on nuclear proves costly
UK's coal power output fell 80% in four years
Sweden to subsidise home power storage up to 60%

1km PV road surface in France to generate 18MWh/day

Amsterdam commits to emissions 75% below 1990 by 2040

Oslo aims for half of 1990 emissions in four years

German upper house calls for end to fossil fuelled road transport by 2030

Switzerland to focus on renewables and efficiency, no nukes

Dutch vote will end its coal power by 2030

EU hits energy reduction target six years early

Madrid gets 110 new electric taxis
Portugal was 100% renewable power for four days
Cross-party support in Sweden for 100% renewables by 2040
Sweden tests trolleybus-style electric roadway
Austria may ban petrol and Diesel cars by 2020
France to triple solar PV by 2023
Solar topped coal for a day in UK
Last Scottish coal-fired power station closes

Backlash to anti-wind farm Polish Environment Minister

UK to legislate zero emissions by 2050
Fully electric double deckers for London
Spain scraps "tax on the sun" [At last! - Ed]
EU failing on Paris commitment
... environment ministers call for stronger response
London's car driving halved, cycling tripled, in 15 years

UK Energy sector embraces clean energy
1.5C cap will require profound lifestyle changes - leaked EU report

EU Wind and Solar markets accelerate
... with more countries beating renewables targets
Renewables up 2.5% in 2015 to be 29% of supply, but emissions flat

More parks, fewer cars to cut summer heat
German thinktank proposes coal exit by 2040

Australasia & Pacific





US renewables output beats coal's
Coal-based Chile to go carbon neutral by 2050

Florida to replace gas plant with world's largest solar+battery
... as Hawaii signs up for six smaller such
Puerto Rico legislates for 100% renewables by 2050

New Mexico plots course for 100% renewables by 2045

NY raises offshore wind target to 9GW by 2035, rooftop PV to 6GW by 2025

2018 seen as tipping point for US Midwest transition to renewables

US could cut emissions 20% by land management
Far-right Brazilian President wants to mine and farm the Amazon

Canada plans $20/t revenue-neutral C-tax, rising to $50 in 2022

NYC to require large buildings to cut energy use 20%

Chile to add 110MW solar thermal to 100MW solar PV farm
US wind capacity tops 90GW, another 37GW in pipeline

Calif emissions below 1990 levels

NY state looks to 1500MW storage by 2025

Calif to mandate solar PV on all new homes from 2020

Apple hits 100% renewables, suppliers to follow

US battery storage reaches 1GWh

Chile joins pledge to phase out coal power

NY sets goal of 1500MW of storage

Calif likely to reach 2030 target of 50% renewables by 2020
Hawai'i to hit 100% renewables in 2040, 5 years early

US Renewables outpower nuclear

NY State seeks $1.5bn of renewables

Calif reached 14GW solar out of 29GW demand

Mild winter brings US emissions below 1994 levels

California lifts emissions target to 40% below 1990 by 2030


40,000km of electric highways for US
Canada's gov't buildings to be 100% renewables by 2025

Iowa's power is 35% from wind

Alberta seeks 50% renewables plan

LA to develop plan for 100% renewables
Brazil ratifies Paris agreement
Boulder, Co, 17th US city to commit to 100% renewables

US Federal court upholds $36/tCO2e used in DoE cost/benefit analyses

US EPA extends clean air rules to GHGs from aircraft

$4.5bn in loan guarantees for US EV charging station network
Washington DC says 50% renewables by 2032
US, Mexico, Canada to go 50% green energy by 2025

PV required on all new San Fran buildings
US energy use declined in 2015
US and Canada address methane emissions
US and Canada climate pact

Oregon mandates 50% from renewables by 2040
US puts up first $500m of $3bn pledge to Green Climate Fund

17 US state governors sign clean energy accord

California creates efficiency market

NY releases plan for 50% renewables by 2030

Carbon trading now in 20 US states


  • China




  • Indian subcontinent




Thailand to float 2.7GW solar on its hydro dams 

Japan's Tepco seeks 7GW renewables to replace nuclear
Japan has more EV charging stations than petrol stations


Seoul announces $2bn solar city program
S Korean president commits to phasing out coal and nuclear

S Korea likely to cut thermal coal imports

Maglev flywheel test facility near Tokyo


Japan, S Korea, China, Russia to share renewables on supergrid
S Korea to boost storage and add $36bn in renewables

Japan bringing 8GW solar online per year

Vietnam signals easing rate of new coal plant

Japan coal use down as demand drops, solar grows and nuclear restarts

Middle East & Africa





Greenland ice sheet answer: If the Greenland ice sheet were to melt, the sea level at its shoreline would fall.  This is because the gravitational attraction of the ice sheet draws surrounding ocean in, making the sea level there anomalously high.  Longer term, with no ice pressing down on it, Greenland itself would rise relative to the sea.