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    Nov 2018 
    Berejiklian opens up more old growth glider and koala habitat for logging
    More renewables means less blackout risk; coal plant outages still a concern - AEMO

    4GW(!) wind, solar and storage hub, replacing Liddell, proposed for Walcha

    Can you breathe easy?  Air pollution by postcode

    Gov't plans virtual power plant to strengthen grid

    ACT, Qld call for Federal incentives for electric vehicles

    Gov't to accelerate grid upgrades to support new solar, wind and batteries

    Pollution limits on NSW power plants like those of a third world country 

    55MW solar farm may extend life of Vales Point coal plant

    91MW Goulburn wind farm gives ACT cheap power; Taylor snubs opening

    Only 30% of mined land in Hunter rehabilitated

    El Nino threatens

    Renewables-to-gas trial in Western Sydney with $1.7bn export potential

    Gov't puts up (mere) $55m to help transition from coal power over 20 years

    Oct 2018
    CFMEU calls for plan for transition from coal

    ARENA puts $2m towards feasibility of doubling Shoalhaven pumped hydro

    Feds and Coalition States choose to ignore climate in energy policy

    Bipartisan support for Sydney-Canberra by rail in 3 hours
     (4½ now)
    Drought set to continue - BoM

    iPhone maps app to locate nearest EV charge station

    Gov't offers free PV alternative to low income energy rebate

    Sydney trial of renewables-to-gas technology
    Firm renewables much cheaper than baseload - Snowy Hydro
    300MW solar farm for Limondale
    Smart meters would lower power prices - Consultant
    WHO guidelines for wind farms allow 45dB [NSW has 35dB - Ed]

    Sept 2018
    350MW solar farm for Balranald 

    Aug 2018
    Sydney airport to be 75% wind powered
    Enova to launch microgrid in Byron

    Tech for renters sharing PV gets second chance

    200MW solar+storage addition approved for Glen Innes wind farm

    Community retailer Enova seeks $3m crowdfunding to expand across NSW

    Lift in renewables output displaces gas, saving cash
    9 times the rate of native vegetation clearance in three years
    CEFC puts $50m into Mirvac's low carbon rental units plan

    July 2018
    Coal mine expansion approval ignores threat to Sydney's water
    Western Sydney Uni team wins US solar car challenge
    Gulgong solar farm to power new NW rail link

    20% of Port Kembla Steel's power to come from Albury solar farm 
    Gov't renews part of Liverpool plains coalmining lease

    Snowy 2.0 will boost coal power at expense of gas, renewables - AEMO

    Expired CSG licences still valid because Gov't hasn't processed renewal applications

    NSW Labor supports Fed Labor's 50% renewables target, no new coal power
    Transgrid seeks 40MW demand management to defer $236m grid upgrades

    IPART slashes Feed-in Tariff 44% because solar has brought down power prices

    Business case marginal for $1.5bn SA-Wagga Wagga power line

    Aging coal plant+dearer coal and gas+"gaming"=dearer power - Grattan Institute 

    June 2018
    Guide book on installing solar in Aus ..
    ... and some tips on domestic batteries
    Diesendorf critiques the "100% Renewables" criticisms
    $3bn earmarked for high speed underground rail CBD to Parramatta
    Lightsource launches "no upfront $" solar+battery plan in Aus
    More coal plant outages send power prices soaring
    A quarter of Hunter groundwater impaired by coal mining 

    May 2018
    ACT to roll out 50 EV charging stations
    Mudgee 1.3GW solar+wind+battery complex to beat coal as baseload

    Liddell plant allowed double the pollution

    430kW PV car shade for Leichhardt MarketPlace
    ACT drops requirement for gas connection to new subdivisions
    Wind+solar alternative to Narrabri gas field could produce 12% NSW power
    Hunter coal mine approved despite Water Office warnings
    Pumped hydro economics: Shoalhaven 2 yes, Snowy 2.0 no

    Apr 2018
    ACT reaps profit from unsubsidised wind farms
    AGL plans 252MW gas as partial Liddell replacement ...
    ... will be most suited as backup to renewables
    Solar panels halved power costs at student accommodation
    5m extra trees to cool Sydney

    Mar 2018

    Gov't identifies renewable energy zones of massive potential
    Interactive map shows climate impacts past and future, worldwide

    Rooftop solar cuts power prices for all, and pays a price

    Tathra victims furious at Turnbull's exoneration of climate change

    1km in a car melts 2kg glacier ice

    Why Ausgrid wants more solar, battery, EV - podcast
    Land clearing - interactive map
    12.3MW rooftop solar for shopping centres

    Buying an EV - a guide

    Feb 2018
    NSW is state with most coal power - and most power imports
    Smart power slashes swimming pool running costs

    Ways to get PV onto rental homes

    IKEA plan to sell PV panels at cost

    CEFC backs scheme to make EVs and greener cars cheaper

    Alan Finkel demolishes arguments against electric vehicles
    ACT trial of gas-free suburb

    Jan 2018
    Even in NSW, EV's already have less net emissions than petrol
    Market regulators complicit as generators rort the system

    In a universities world first, UNSW to go 100% renewable power
    At 47.3C Penrith had highest Sydney temperature in 79 years ...
    ... and was the hottest place on Earth at the time ...
    ... with hundreds of bats dying of heat
    2017's weather, 0.95°C above average - Annual BoM report

    Tesla route planner shows recharge points and times

    Dec 2017
    State's dependence on coal power risks "system black" in heatwave - report ...
    ... as fourth plant in a week fails without warning
    Solar train in Byron Bay
    When does a domestic battery save money?

    Coal power cost rising as subsidies dry up
    ATA offers households free, independent advice on solar and storage 

    Nov 2017
    Regional hospitals, schools?  No, Nats want to subsidise coal power stations
    10 new coal mines proposed add up to more than Adani

    Frydenberg continues to condemn Lord Howe Is. to its Diesel power

    Ausgrid looks to rooftop solar to cut network costs 

    Oct 2017
    Special law allows coalmine to violate water safety
    AEMO supports 200MW demand-response tender funded by ARENA and NSW Gov't
    Sydney on track for 50C days by 2050

    Sep 2017
    Business uses battery to save cost of grid connection upgrade
    Wollongong coal mine threatens Sydney's water
    Yes, that was our hottest winter on record, 2°C above average

    Aug 2017
    Renewables league table: NSW 6th out of 8
    PV power for tenants

    ACT trials electric buses
    Restricted Shenhua coal licence still puts farms at risk - experts

    NSW Premier warms to fast trains for NSW

    Direct health harm from coal power costs us (at least) 1.3c/kWh
    Wrist slaps for Whitehaven Coal's environmental breachesJuly 2017

    Rorting rules costs households $400-$500/y on power bills
    BZE launches local communities' zero carbon guide

    Rent EV charge point to/from your neighbours
    Can you guess which of four actions would help climate the most?

    Transport Minister opens eyes to folly of ever wider roads
    Rent battery for your solar from 5c/kWh? ...
    ... Independent analysis of Sonnenflat deal

    June 2017
    $70m for trial of demand management to reduce peak
    Sydney apartment block shares solar and battery in minigrid
    Falling costs and rising FiTs justify larger home PV systems - ATA
    How we ignore our daily climate impacts
    Explainer: Low Emissions Target (LET) v. Emissions Intensity Scheme (EIS

    May 2017
    Minimum of 3kW solar on each house in new ACT suburb
    Map of shoreline inundation risks (updated)

    Our cities are 5°C hotter than surrounds

    Rooftop solar saved us nearly $900m in heatwave
    Sydney City plans 50% renewables by 2030

    Mine rehab bonds inadequate - NSW Auditor General

    Apr 2017
    Mobile solar to challenge Diesel gen for temporary power
    Transport officials instructed to neglect public transport options

    Mar 2017
    Home Energy Management system optimises solar/battery/hot water
    MoU signed for 70MW solar thermal proposal
    At Sydney Markets, shading cars adds 640kW solar

    Feb 2017
    Toolkit for community energy groups
    Lithgow coalmine severely polluting Wollangambe River

    Coal states NSW and Vic facing greatest power price increases - ITK
    Wind and solar saved NSW from blackouts in heatwave ...
    ... as coal and gas flunked out
    How NSW power generators blocked competition and rorted the market

    Jan 2017
    How the Blockchain algorithm helps neighbours trade electricity


    Warm water drives fish south, destroying kelp forests

    First ever recorded bleaching of coral in Sydney Harbour

    Warm waters bring dangerous bacteria to Sydney harbour
    How coalminers fool politicians into approving mines

    Powershop to offer free smart meters

    Newcastle air pollution like smoking a cigarette a day- Doctors group


    Nov 2018 
    Qld grants and interest-free loans for batteries with solar
    Coalition hamstrung on climate by right-wing ideologues - Turnbull Snr

    Australia's policies adopted by rest of world would lead to 4.4°C rise

    Self-centred mining fossils lobby for Aus exit from Paris accord

    3°-4°C rise would make Australia uninsurable - IAG

    Vic energy policies: Labor cheapest, Greens greenest - Reputex

    Greens call to halt thermal coal export by 2030 to save humanity

    Senate Inquiry into what constitutes "fair dinkum" power

    CommBank first Aussie major to commit to 100% renewables

    Solar projects in turmoil as lead contractor seeks trading halt

    Energy Council misunderstands how networks are reimbursed for upgrades

    The Oz
     still a mouthpiece for mining experts posing as climate scientists

    Vic start-up power retailer's novel model for supporting rooftop PV

    5MW x 0.5h battery will support solar power at Alice Springs

    Vic coalition plan to fund new "24/7" power based on dodgy modeling

    Miners baulk at Qld bill to recover rehabilitation costs
    ... Gov't weakens: it won't apply to approved projects
    Prometheus Unbound
    : Turnbull rediscovers promise of renewables

    SA grid curtails up to 10% of renewables as gas plant fails to keep up

    Commissioning starts for Ballarat 30MWx1h battery
    ... as same company plans 10MWx1h for SA wind farm
    Rooftop solar continues to expand, pushing power prices down

    Senate inquiry likely to push for EV incentives
    ... as Qld plans exponential EV fleet expansion
    New rule: generators must give 3 years' notice of plant closure

    Taylor's call for "24/7 power" (what's needed is dispatchable power
    ) ...
    ... likely violates Governmental procurement rules
    ... is a distortion of ACCC's recommendation - Clean Energy Council
    ... would cost taxpayers $bns - Business group
    ... and might end up raising prices
    Power retailers ok Minister's call for standardised rates but doubt price drop will ensue

    Vic Labor targets 50% emissions reduction by 2030

    Grid rules don't allow renewables plus battery as a unit

    Batteryless scheme to reduce curtailment of high renewables output

    Surge in renewables bringing down power price - The Australia Institute

    October another record month for rooftop solar installs

    RMIT develops solar tuk-tuk

    Cheap renewables allow Snowy pumped hydro to sell firm power at $70/MWh

    No, ScoMo, renewables are 'fair dinkum power' - S/w billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes

    Labor cold on Greens' bid to co-operate on climate
    EU trade deal dependent on sticking with Paris agreement - official

    Doctors call for EV incentives after WHO pollution report

    Dramatic rise of utility solar in Qld leading prices to "duck curve"

    Study finds mix of storage options covers all needs for clean, cheap power

    Oct 2018
    ACF to make climate a top issue in marginal seats

    Gov't called on to help businesses install solar

    Aussie low voltage EV engine design safer, allows battery swap

    Qld electricity retailers raise FiT offerings

    SA's $200m support for domestic batteries kicks off

    New Perth school off-grid with solar and battery

    Grid reforms needed to cope with rising Vic domestic solar

    Platform trading domestic PV, battery power opens in Melbourne

    No plans to ditch rooftop solar rebate - Angus Taylor
    ... but considering indemnifying new coal against a future C price!
    WA miner installs 7MW solar to slash Diesel use

    Solar+battery 7.5MW microgrid plan for Latrobe wins $3m Vic grant
    .. and $100,00 for Milawa solar+battery+hydrogen
    Vic switches on 30MWx1h Ballarat big battery
    Gov't rushes to subsidise new "firm capacity"
    Auto clubs and ARENA collaborate on $15m nationwide ultra-fast EV charging
    Solar farms reach 1GW nationally
    Solar pushes Qld power prices negative two days running
    SA rooftop PV met 50% midday demand
    Still no Coalition Climate Policy, despite Wentworth
    US economist blasts Gov't adherence to coal on Q&A
    200MW Vic solar farm adds "synchronous condenser" to boost grid strength
    Phelps to push for reinvigorating Climate Change Authority
    Pilbara battery beats fossil fuels at grid stability
    Solar Virtual Power Plant for WA community
    IPCC report implies Aus must shut 12 coal plant by 2030
    Morrison admits role in $400m grant reef foundation
    AEMO's action plan doesn't need coal to keep the lights on - Zibelman
    Coal still part of mix for foreseeable future - Shorten
    Most economists and scientists reject "at a canter" claim for meeting commitments
    Long term forecast for SA: hotter and drier climate
    Electric van and minibus factory for Latrobe Valley
    Environment Minister dismisses UN call for end to coal
    Morrison dismisses climate conferences as "nonsense"
    SA's Tesla battery ends rort by gas plant ...
    ... but widespread uptake hampered by failure to value the service 
    WA rooftop solar drives daytime power prices negative 
    Switch to EVs could save households $20bn/year

    Aug 2018
    How rule changes made baseload the threat to grid stability
    Vic announced new solar plan too soon, halting installs

    320MW wind farm for W Vic
    Coal-waver ScoMo as PM:

    Turnbull jr. blames Libs' financial dependence on coal lobby
    Falling power prices halve AEMO's prediction of battery uptake
    Aging coal and gas plant put Vic supply at risk - AEMO

    PM Morrison on energy - more of the same?

    Enosi plans peer-to-peer solar power through blockchain

    Qld puts up $3m for feasibility study of $2bn Li-ion gigafactory

    What is this dispatchable power the ACCC calls for - explainer

    Two Vic wind farms score 45% capacity factor

    Vic puts up $3m for renewables microgrid in Latrobe valley

    Sun Metals' solar farm shows no new coal needed in N Qld - Premier
    ARENA and Alan Finkel advocate hydrogen export industry

    SA will be at 100% renewables by 2025 - AEMO

    Any new coal power would drive out older coal - and still be a stranded asset - Ed
    ACCC's call to end solar rebate favoured by Origin; others less sanguine

    ACCC's idea to underwrite new firming power would slash cost of solar - Gupta

    AEMO has to keep intervening in SA generation because of gas plant outages

    Gupta launches first stage of SA 1GW renewables plan
    Tesla Model 3 coming to Aus
    Demand Response could save businesses a third of power costs
    Investor Group on Climate calls for tougher emissions targets
    "I don't give a rat's if it's man-made" - Agriculture Minister

    Port Pirie council opposes 275MW renewables hub despite 83% public approval
    ... [correct Crystal Brook link here - Ed]
    70% public want more renewables so as to cut power prices - poll
    SA's big battery earning 60c/W p.a.

    Denialist think tank IPA hid that half its "donations" come from Hancock Prospecting 

    July 2018
    Info page one SA's Virtual Power Plant
    After the Smoke Clears: transition in the Latrobe - BZE Radio, pt 1/5

    CEFC enabled 1.1GW renewables added in FY2018

    Debacle over grid constraints on renewables roll-out
    ... AEMO admits hiccup
    WA trial shows e-bikes can tempt commuters away from cars

    "Gen-tailer" Alinta seeks to add 1GW renewables by 2020
    Roll-out of fast-charging (as fast as petrol!) network gets funding

    Senate committee told slow EV adoption will cost Aussie motorists

    AEMC warms to idea of freeing power market for storage providers

    EVs still too expensive in Aus - RACQ
    Vic on track for 40% renewables by 2020, 5 years early

    SA Lib Gov't concedes 75% renewables by 2025 target achievable after all
    Increasingly unreliable old coal will prove expensive - Climate Council report

    Aboriginal rangers notice more and deadlier bushfires
    Cyclones trending South

    Renewables cheaper for industry than coal - Sanjeev Gupta

    WA council votes to burn coal rather than save $

    Threat of collapse for various Aussie ecosystems

    Farmers fear weak target on power emissions will burden agriculture

    More severe temperature inversions worsening pollution and its 3000/y toll
    Renewables should replace coal plants becoming uneconomic, not before - AEMO
    ... but health harms not considered
    Statcom technology helps Ergon (Qld) cope with more solar feed in
    35GW solar PV in planning and development

    ACCC calls for end to feed-in tariff, yet Australia Institute shows solar saved the day
    Port Augusta Renewables Park stage 2: 500MW of solar, plus storage and synchronicity
    Domestic solar rules out-of-date - Matthew Wright

    Massive uptake of solar by industry to spell coal's doom,
      domestic solar+battery to be economic by 2020 - BNEF

    ACCC blames rorts for high power prices, but favours subsidies for baseload ...
    ... but analyst fears it creates yet more uncertainty
    Price alone could make us 85% renewables by 2050 - BNEF
    ... for a week, Tas/Vic/SA got to 50% wind+hydro already ...
    ... as wind+solar reached 25% of Aus demand for a day
    Australia falling further behind on energy efficiency
    FY 2018 hottest FY on record - BoM

    Policy challenge is to put storage at heart of smart grid - Finkel Report
    Reef not the only Aussie ecosystem threatening collapse

    CEFC backs smart meters seen as key to distributed generation
    ARENA puts $1.5m towards H2 production at WA energy hub

    Canavan's department does not support his bullishness on coal

    Jun 2018
    220+200MW solar PV, 120+150MWh battery for Adelaide's north
    Half of lost Hazelwood capacity replaced by hydro, wind and solar

    Remote Vic households get fuel subsidies, but not for solar and batteries
    Labor to fight any plan that favours coal power
    Vic landlords offering rooftop solar for small rental increase
    4GW more wind+solar over two years will cut need for pricey gas power - AEMO
    "Renewables, even if costing more" support rises to 84% - Lowy poll
    Even Labor's emissions targets irresponsibly weak - Australia Institute
    Climate change increasing disaster relief burden - Defence Dept

    14 Tassie sites to be assessed for pumped hydro ...
    ... but "battery of the nation" would require four new Basslinks
    Farmers to Nationals: it is climate change

    Rooftop solar too big to remain unmanaged - AEMO ...
    ... or maybe just a beat-up in a bid to extend hegemony
    Gas connection uneconomic for new build homes - ATA

    Wind and solar supplying industry at 40% discount from grid
    SA becomes net exporter of electricity

    May 2018
    Network charges, not C-tax, drove up power prices - ACCC chair
    Car industry resists pollution caps that would still be weaker than overseas

    28 more off-grid NT communities switch from Diesel to solar+battery

    AEMO, ARENA push to expand successful demand response trial
    Snowy Hydro seeks 800MW of wind and solar
    Technology allowing Melbourne apartments to share PV
    Leyonhjelm voted pro Adani after buying Abbott Point stock

    Improved grid reliability is cheap despite renewables - AEMO ...
    ... with SA's big battery saving grid $32m in Q1
    Flywheels cheaper than paying gas-fired generators for grid strength - report
    CC already an existential security risk - Senate inquiry
    Grampians veggie grower goes 100% wind+battery to save $$
    Half of large businesses installing PV to save $
    Vic solar+storage saves $30m network upgrades
    - [IPART take note - Ed] 
    Renewable energy pipeline set to meet 2020 RET - CER
    New Hope coalmine used astroturfing to sway pollies
    de fact
    o C-price approaches $18/tCO2e

    IEA warns Australia's oil reserves too low - time to support EVs?
    Green steel magnate signs 15 year solar power offtake
    Modern SA droughts, NT floods, worst in 400 years

    7.7% of nation's super would get us to 100% green energy by 2030

    Solar, wind plans suffer as AEMO lifts loss factor on remote generation

    Apr 2018
    2GW per year of large scale solar in pipeline 
    Risk to power supply infinitesimal - AEMC expert panel

    Lithium battery recycling plant opens in Vic

    200 Latrobe Valley dairy farms to share energy via blockchain microgrid

    Frydenberg tells A Jones some home truths

    How distributed generation strengthens the grid
    Land clearing and climate in Qld - Climate Council report

    The future writ small - smart solar+battery on grid on Bruny Island
    $90m earmarked for "clean coal" better spent on transition from brown coal

    AEMO doubles EV prediction to 50% car market in 20 years
    Uhlmann's anti-wind misleading tweet

    $0 upfront option for solar+battery on low income homes

    Renewables set to exceed 2020 target Abbott dismissed as impossible
    25MWh pilot of SA company's phase-change thermal storage

    ARENA puts $200k into mobile solar farm tech
    Wind farms have boosted regional economies by $4bn
    BHP quits World Coal Assoc. over climate attitude
    The economics of home batteries - SunWiz
    New Vic wind farms close to 50% capacity factor
    AEMO impressed by speed and precision of Tesla big battery's FCAS

    Mercury from Vic coal power doubled in a year
    Coalition right wing want to subsidise new coal power
    ... Descendants object to use of Monash name to support "horse and buggy" tech ...
    ... costing $3bn, taking eight years, and pushing up prices ...
    ... even Morrison admits it's crazy ...
    ... and Frydenberg insists party room agreed 26% emissions cut

    Mar 2018 
    Rising emissions threaten Paris commitment
    Loss of Hazelwood drove up Vic power prices
    ... but the lights stayed on
    Q&A fact check: SA's high power prices not a result of renewables

    This summer, renewables generated more than brown coal did

    Market rules need urgent update to get best from renewables - AEMO head
    Policy only barrier to 50% renewables - Aus Industry Group
    AEMC concerned over reduced synchronous generation ...
    ... but AEMO worries about hot weather making gas & coal unreliable
    Engineering company claims Aus-wide grid now feasible
    How renewables are now pushing power prices down

    New coal power: expensive, inflexible, polluting and dead - Market expert

    Coral bleaching hits NT

    Whyalla steel plan expands to 1GW solar, battery, pumped hydro

    SA wind farm provides cheaper and more precise FCAS than gas 
    Coal plant outages averaging 3 a week
    World's largest solar+wind->hydrogen plant for SA
    Wind bids under $60/MWh in Vic auction

    Mining/government revolving door demotes Aus propriety ranking

    Power retailer's wind and solar investments giving Vic customers a price cut

    Qld's 2GW rooftop solar got it through coal plant failures in record heatwave

    Time-of-day feed-in tariffs for Vic

    Feb 2018
    Climate change-doubting, anti-wind deputy PM replaced by... worse
    BHP's offspring quits coal, but the parent still hooked

    AEMC still dawdling on demand management
    SA plant to store wind+solar power as Hydrogen
    44MW solar + 21MWx1.25h battery to join Snowtown wind farm, ...
    ... 300MW pumped hydro for Adelaide, ...
    ... four more for Spencer Gulf
    Huge power bill savings in CSIRO's Brisbane virtual power plant trial

    SA Wind farm+battery stop gas generators rorting FCAS need
    Climate Change has reef in deep trouble - Marine Park Authority
    Environmental spend falls to $950m while miners' fuel tax credit rises to $2.5bn
    Stunned by low prices, Powershop signs up for 800GWh solar+wind to 2030

    Jan 2018
    Qantas Melbourne-LA flight powered 10% by mustard oil
    Qld's electric highway stretches from Cairns to Coolangatta

    Big banks halved coal mining exposure in 2017
    Minerals Council one third foreign-owned

    Gov't rules out most healthful options for fuel standards

    Electricity authority AEMO advocates 52% emissions cut by 2030
    "Impossible" LRET met 3 years early
    Frydenberg concedes renewables will suppress prices
    ... with 19GW of solar farms in pipeline
    SA rooftop solar saved grid $10m/day in heatwave
    Frydenberg overlooks (yet another) coal plant failure as cause of price spike ...
    ... with Tesla battery cashing in
    Coral bleaching starts early

    Climate Council's Report on record-breaking 2017

    Erstwhile nuclear proponents now see renewables as the way
    Irukandji reach South to Fraser Is.

    Reliable coal? Loy Yang A fails 6 times in 3 weeks

    150MW Solar Thermal plant approved for Port Augusta
    ... but doubts over SolarReserve's record

    Dec 2017
    Snowy Hydro 2.0 estimate doubles to $4.5bn+; still viable?
    Export renewable energy as hydrogen? - ARENA grants $20m for research

    AEMO paper sees renewables dominating, emissions down 70% in 2030
    Gas network could be based on renewables by 2050 - report
     [except the C-capture bit - Ed]
    $450m wasted on clean coal mirage - Audit office
    Live graph of national supply and demand
    Fossil fuel power stations should pay solar for back-up - Australia Institute

    Nov 2017
    Plan to export 3GW renewable energy undersea to Jakarta
    APRA foreshadows regulation to ensure climate risks are assessed

    Darwin fighting to remain habitable
    Molten silicon heat storage manufacturer in SA
    Wave power trial offers free energy for King Island
    AGL extends P2P PV sharing trial in SA
    Another Vic coal station gives lie to supposed reliability

    Few complaints to National Wind Farm Commissioner

    50% wind+solar no problem for existing grid - Scientific Council
    ... Finkel defends report from Abetz' uninformed attack
    AEMC blocks "no brainer" of taking rural communities off-grid

    NAIF could fund cable to export solar power to Indonesia

    Australian insurers slow to dump fossil fuel risk
    Snowy 2.0 to cost customers $160m/y  -analyst
    NRMA to roll out EV fast charger network

    CSIRO invests $13.5m into making Aus a hydrogen exporter
    How coal makes the grid less reliable

    Oct 2017
    1GW of dispatchable renewables for Whyalla steel...
    ... plant in Sydney, Melbourne to follow... maybe aluminium too?
    A coal-based grid will make us uncompetitive in 2030 - Windlab CEO

    Finkel refutes claim of numerous new coal plant worldwide

    WA utility moves towards time-of-day power pricing

    Productivity Commission advocates C-price

    Qld drives solar+batteries with no-interest loans and tenancy scheme

    Vic legislates 25% renewables by 2020, 40% by 2025
    AGL quit MCA over its promotion of coal, yet CSIRO still a member

    How rooftop solar cuts energy prices for all
    NAIF loan for gas port fuels fears it's a fossil slush fund
    Chinese ETS will penalise our emissions-intensive exports

    Sep 2017

    Saltwater pumped hydro feasible for Spencer Gulf - report
    Solar and wind under construction hit by AEMO's new synchronicity rules
    Climate model analysts reject Bolt's misrepresentation of their paper

    Retired BoM chief decries The Oz' promotion of time-wasting denialists

    WA farmers delighted with solar+battery off-grid ...
    --- it's 15 times as reliable
    Garnaut calls for emissions targets linked to cost of power

    Energy crisis prediction ignores massive renewables roll-out

    Threats to grid stability are fossil fuel power station failures in the heat - AEMO
    AEMO CEO emphasises demand management, not more baseload power ...
    ... as Decentralised Energy Exchange opens for business

    Aug 2017
    Demand Management could cut demand by "half a Hazelwood"
    Proposal to sell Broome PV power to Indonesia by cable
    Analysts warn: without CET, renewables boom will bust
    Token effort: Turnbull funds $8.5m of $29m Snowy Hydro 2.0 feasibility study

    Hybrid solar thermal and waste/methane power plant for SA
    AEMC backs down on taxing solar households

    New Qld suburb offers solar+batteries option

    ScoMo sees the light: more coal is not the cheap option
    1MW solar + 2hours' battery to halve Daly River's Diesel use

    Climate change threat on a par with nuclear war - former Defence Force chief
    SA trial turns excess renewables power into gas
    Emissions from fracking NT's MacArthur would dwarf Carmichael coal's
    CSIRO needs many more climate scientists - AAS report
    Tougher vehicle emissions limits would save Aussies $bns - report
    Welfare groups fooled into blaming solar for high power prices 

    July 2017
    New coal cutting power bills a myth - Energy Australia MD
    ARENA helps outback NT communities cut Diesel use by 1m l/y
    Blockchain-based 6MW solar microgrid for SA
    Updating efficiency standards a little would save drivers money ...
    ... but Gov't backpedals in face of industry opposition

    Spike in Qld land clearing impacting reef - WWF
    Qld commits to net zero emissions by 2050

    Minerals Council's energy costings pure fantasy

    June 2017
    EV fast-charge network for WA
    AEMO report on grid's future: solar, storage, demand management and energy efficiency
    Don't confuse baseload with reliable
    Health groups urge rapid coal phase-out
    Record hot days/year: pre-2000 there were 11; in 2000-2010, 20
    Coal with CCS will never stack up - industry insider
    AEMC Draft Report on future of the grid (full draft here)
    Vast land-sequestration possible at $5/t to $10/t - Reputex

    May 2017
    Frydenberg wants CEFC to be allowed to fund coal with CCS ...
    ... having grossly overstated success of US pilot
    Coal and gas power failed in Qld heatwave, driving price spike
    The Alice could be unlivable in our lifetime - Prof. Lowe

     Apr 2017

    Power could be zero carbon by 2050, C-price vital - ENA & CSIRO report
    Hewson rails against politicians who spurn the science
    Tassie as nation's power bank: pumped hydro and new Bass link - Turnbull...
    ... but it fails simple feasibility/cost analysis ...
    ... and would be undercut by ever cheaper batteries
    Industrial gas price crisis: solar thermal already cheaper for some

    Coalition senators expose their ignorance on wind power and the grid's needs
    New Qld homes with solar+battery as optional extra

    Mar 2017
    $110m in Federal concessional loans for thermal solar + salt storage in SA
    Domestic storage algorithm would help grid more by absorbing peaks and troughs
    Mismanaged solar+storage project a disaster in Coober Pedy 
    Wind power can improve grid stability - AEMO principal
    Uhlmann and The Oz lie: report did not say wind is limited to 20% of supply
    Experts express doubts on Snowy pumped hydro
    Business lobby calls for Emissions Intensity Scheme

    Solar+storage can provide most of emissions reduction at low cost - RepuTex
    Summer 2017: 205 records broken in 90 days
    Market failure: coal and gas plant not providing presumed grid security 
    AEMO sees wind and solar as contributing to grid security
    States with greater renewables growth had lower price increases
    Fugitive methane emissions inadequately assessed

    Feb 2017
    Vic solar feed-in tariff jumps to 11.3c/kWh
    The Oz
    ' war on renewables

    Vic legislates for net zero emissions by 2050
    No technical barrier to 10% renewables grid - CSIRO
    Coal industry diverted tax concession for research into lobbying funds
    Energy Australia declares renewables will hold down prices
    HCF divests from fossil fuels on health grounds
    Report from Climate Council on Extreme Weather
    Climate Change contributing to SA's violent weather - BoM expert

    Jan 2017
    Cost of Vic bushfires to double by 2050 - Climate Council
    90% of rural Australians bear witness to climate change - poll
    Tesla completes Melbourne-Brisbane Supercharger corridor


    How opposition to renewable energy makes power more expensive
    Climate Policy Review:

    Gov't hints at charging EVs for road use
    "I underplayed the dangers [of climate change]" - Stern
    Capturing CO2 from all our coal power would cost $209bn
    $3bn coalmine clean-up exposure for Qld taxpayers

    Greasing the Wheels - Australia Institute on mining's political influence in Qld

    Economist finds climate threat makes all else irrelevant

    World standard on vehicle emissions would get us 10% of reduction target

    Qld bill to ensure miners, refiners clean up
    Coal main cause of air pollution; PM10s up 69% in a year


    SA grid's August price spike 

    May 2018
    Liberal SA Gov't will continue move to renewables
    Feb 2018
    Tesla battery trimming peak power price
    Sep 2017
    Musk's big battery halfway there
    Aug 2017
    Glencore coal exec misrepresents purpose of big battery plan
    July 2017
    New back-up rules push up cost of wind power
    Mar 2017
    Gas generators rort the system again
    Feb 2017
    SA's power prices rose less over decade than in the fossil-fuel states
    Qld's spike far worse

    SA Govt loses patience with AEMO's management of network
    Jan 2017
    With no wind farms to blame, media silent on Qld price spike

    Gas generator failures trigger far bigger spikes in NSW, Qld

    Gas generators extorted $17m by exploiting the rules - Energy Regulator

    Wind power helps keep prices down - Melbourne Energy Institute... 

    ... spikes caused by carbon-based generators' virtual monopoly ...
    ... the role of gas in the debacle - Climate Council report
    ... but Origin dismisses it as Business as usual
    Report fingers exploitable settlement rules

    No, wind power did not cause SA price spike...
    ... it has helped reduce them

    SA grid's Sept '16 storm and Feb '17 blackouts

    Dec 2017
    AEMO eases onerous restrictions on wind power
    Tesla's big battery switches on a day early

    Aug 2017
    Tesla et al. slam rejection of synthetic inertia
    Demand-response and batteries may obviate need for new gas-fired

    May 2017

    "No synthetic inertia" clause dampens hope for renewables + batteries ...
    ... leading to rethink

    Apr 2017
    Energy Regulator blames AEMO for poor forecasting
    90 battery tenders for SA energy storage

    Mar 2017
    Need a smarter grid, not reliant on synchronicity of old power - AEMO
    Moody's approves SA's power plan

    Twin gas plant failures nearly took out SA grid again

    Storage solution could be running in 100 days - Tesla
    Spike in SA home solar installations
    AGL tells Senate Inquiry SA's gas market to blame for woes

    Feb 2017
    AEMO did not use BoM's weather prediction
    SA Power admits blame for tripling the blackout

    Energy Minister talks up Solar Thermal with Storage

    Peaking gas plant was left idle

    Wind farm software settings fixed, no repeat of blackout - AEMO
    Dec 2016
    Adelaide 'tiser blames the victim
    Wind & solar with smart inverters beat conventional synchronous gen

    AEMO managed network poorly, should learn from Europe - Finkel

    Ageing gas plants exacerbated problem -
    ... and 100MW battery a cheaper, quicker solution than more gas
    Abbott ignores AEMO findings, continues to blame renewables

    AEMO ignored repeated BoM warnings

    AEMO's aspersions on Wind cover its own failings - Parkinson
    Wind farms shut because they were the closest; gas no different - Siemens Australia head
    Wind farm software may have worsened SA blackout - preliminary AEMO report
    Ministers agree on independent energy security review
    SA Libs' idea to reopen coal plant like "resuming whaling" 


    July 2017
    Contractors seek $1bn compo
    Mar 2016
    Access ramps will displace homes in Rozelle
    Feb 2016
    Channel tunnel was cheaper per km than WestConnex - consultant
    Dec 2015
    The dodgy maths supporting Westconnex
    Westconnex cost up 68% over 3 years, expect $14 return toll

     Galilee Basin coalmines

    Nov 2018
    Scaled back Adani plan needs Aurizon to pay for rail upgrade
    Gov't ignored advice to require proper impact assessment of Water extraction
     - FoI
    Korean banks deny interest in financing Carmichael mine
    Lacking funding, Adani scales back Carmichael from $16bn to $2bn investment

    Aug 2018
    Fed court dismisses Aboriginal bid to keep native title alive
    To proceed, Adani must identify source of vital Springs and plan protection

    Adani granted extra pollution permission as Debbie approached

    Adani defers major Abbott Point expansion

    July 2018
    Adani claims financing complete except for rail line
    Would lead to a net reduction of Aussie jobs in coal !- Ross Gittins

    NAIF lacks oversight - Senate Inquiry 

    June 2018
    Bogus aboriginal group's approvals ruled invalid, may shut down Abbott Point ...
    ... $2m paid by Adani was funnelled to the group's members
    EFIC support for Adani faces legal and political hazards

    May 2018
    Qld council blind to conflict of interest in Adani funding its staff
    No "sovereign risk" in withdrawing mine approval - Eslake

    Even the DIIS doubts Adani hope of rising thermal coal prices

    AECOM quits design work on rail line

    Analysts find Carmichael mine no longer viable

    Apr 2018
    Palmer seeks approval for even bigger mine to piggy-back on Adani's
    Floundering Adani Power seeks to foist expensive new coal plant on Bangladesh

    Mar 2018
    Adani's water use would threaten vital oasis
    Polluter fined $12k, protesters $80k

    75% of Wentworth voters favour review of mine approval

    Feb 2018 
    Gov't helped Adani seek Chinese funds - FoI
    Mine can be cancelled without sovereign risk - Geoff Cousins
    ... confirming legal advice to Shorten
    Shorten tries to have it both ways on Adani
    ... while Albanese rules out withdrawing approval, but Butler opposes mine
    Pro-Adani council blocks anti film screening "over safety concerns"

    Doubts grow over Adani's ability to proceed
    ... as Adani misses its March financing milestone
    Aurizon withdraws NAIF rail loan request for lack of customers

    "Prove you have the finance" - Palaszczuk to Adani

    ABC journo refused Indian visa over Adani revelations

    aAdani may have doctored report on Abbott Pt spill  ...
    ... Frydenberg says it's a state issue, but Labor persists

    Jan 2018
    65% Aussies oppose mine - poll
    Shorten subtly shifts away from Adani

    Trade Minister Ciobo exploring financing Adani through EFIC

    UN environment chief warns against new coal mines

    Council admits it would not own airstrip after forking out $34m ...
    ... Katter smells something fishy

    Dec 2017
    With no rail line loan, Adani cannot afford to outsource ops to Downer
    India's High Court reopens fraud case against Adani

    Qld premier vetoes Adani rail line loan

    ACCC asked to review claim of 10,000 jobs

    Last Chinese funding possibility vanishes

    Adani accused of witness-stacking against traditional owners

    Indigenous compensation well below mining standard - analyst

    Nov 2017
    Greens' support for Gov't depends on scrapping royalty holiday
    Qld graziers foresee burden of proving mine's harms

    61% Queenslanders oppose the rail loan - poll

    Economic value to Qld "delusional" - Aus business leaders

    Adani annual profits halved

    No NAIF decision on rail loan until 2018
    Qld farmer to air ad opposing gift of vast volumes of water
    FoI reveals Aus officials aware of financial and environmental concerns
    Support for the mine is economically dumb - Geoff Cousins 

    Oct 2017

    Rail line loan would be to subsidiary, creating risk of non-repayment
    Mayor supporting $30m for Adani airstrip enjoyed $1600 in hospitality

    Adani desperate to justify financing for Abbott Point
    Aug 2017
    The stench around Adani interests
    Protesters ambush Labor politicians over cash-for-access fundraiser

    Traditional owners lose appeal to block mine...
    ... as does environmental group
    Auditor General eyes NAIF governance ...
    ... NAB also expresses concern
    Adani brother accused of siphoning public money to tax haven
    Commbank swears off Adani mine
    Adani fine for releasing 8 times permitted sediment: 0.005% of port turnover

    Spend that $900m on agriculture for a better return - UoQ economist

    OK, so how about $½bn? - Adani

    Economists blast NAIF's opacity and conflicts of interest

    $1bn rail line loan would be high risk for taxpayer - ACIL-Allen 

    July 2017 
    Galilee mines would cost NSW $10b/y in coal earnings [good or bad? - Ed]
    Forget the planet, protect Qld jobs now - Canavan

    Plan for protecting endangered bird grossly inadequate - experts

    Adani's works schedule: do nothing for six months

    A loan from NAIF would violate its terms - Oliver Yates

    Palaszczuk rules out loan to complete Adani's funding

    June 2017
    Qld Investment Corp in secret talks
    Carmichael mine "not positive for Australia" - Mark Butler

    Coral expert urges rethink on mine aproval

    At 16:1 debt/equity, Adani cannot afford writedown

    The insane economics of subsidising the mine

    Reputation clause should bar NAIF from rail line loan

    May 2017
    Qld strikes secret deal with Adani over royalties

    Fact checks on Adani mine benefits - Guardian video

    The economic case has evaporated, leaving debt-ridden Adani as rent-seeker

    NAIF board members' conflict of interest
    ... laid bare....
    ... but NAIF won't reveal whether they've recused themselves
    Public pressure on Fed Labor to oppose the mine unequivocally

    Premier distances State gov't from rail line loan support...
    ... but Treasurer confirms it would co-operate
    59% Qlders oppose subsidies for Adani - poll

    Rehabilitation bond will exceed $1.5bn

    Export Finance Investment Corp (Efic) could push public funds to Adani

    Adani demands royalty holiday before proceeding with mine

    Rail line not a priority - Infrastructure Australia

    Abbot Point turtle protections dropped

    Only 7% support cheap loan for rail line - ReachTEL poll

    Adani may be forced to take rehabilitation seriously

    Adani now says $1bn rail line loan critical

    Apr 2017
    Adani's Abbot Point sediment containment failed in cyclone
    Adani becoming desperate for finance source

    Westpac declines to support new coalmine regions

    Adani already overstretched - IEEFA

    Qld's financial gain would be at a cost to NSW

    $1bn rail loan would breach Gov't policy - legal group
    ... and is opposed by a coalition backbencher
    Qld Gov't grants Adani unlimited groundwater use for 60 years
    ... but they still want more
    Adani plans to send low grade coal to India, scuppering claimed climate benefit

    Mar 2017
    Suspicion investors misled over $1bn loan application
    Palmer behind scheme to divert CEFC funds to "clean" coal... 
    ... Barnaby Joyce unimpressed

    Feb 2017
    Adani mine a "public health catastrophe" - article in The Lancet
    Adani director appointed chairman of Abbott Point board

    Adani's shocking track record exposed

    Carmichael mine needs 21 times the subsidy per job as renewables
    ... (spreadsheet)
    Overturned precedent on Native Title leaves Adani adrift again
    ... Gov't looks at changing law to help Adani

    Jan 2017
    Failed by the law, objectors plan for the alternative  

    Dec 2016
    Minister lied saying corruption investigation into Adani is "fake news"
    Renewables would create thousands more Qld jobs - ACF research

    Full page ad asks Turnbull some hard questions on the economics

    Adani's renewable energy investments in India dwarf Carmichael

    $1bn Federal loan for rail link not crucial - Adani ...
    ... throwing eligibility for loan into doubt
    Qlders oppose $1bn loan 56 to 44

    Nov 2016
    Fed's N Australia Infrastructure Fund considers $1bn for rail line...
    ... 300 rally against it in Melbourne
    Court rejects EDO appeal against Carmichael mine approval
    Economics "increasingly questionable" - IEA

    Frydenberg caught lobbying for Adani at Marrakech

    Oct 2016
    Lawfare?  The Australia Institute checks the facts
    Adani must comply with groundwater rules - Palaszczuk

    Coalmines to enjoy $10m-worth of free groundwater/year

    No dredging until coalmine finances in place - Qld Minister
    ... but declares mine to be "critical infrastructure" anyway [more critical than the Reef? - Ed]

    Sep 2016
    Carmichael mine approval appealed
    Tribunal told Adani misled them over economic benefits

    Senate calls on gov't to rule out finance for Adani

    May 2016
    Struggling GVK omits to mention its Galilee assets
    Adani's commitments to solar leave little finance for Carmichael mine 

    Apr 2016
    Indian coal demand to crash further as domestic glut grows
    Adani's secret payments to indigenous title reps
    Qld Gov't approves Adani mining leases, but several hurdles yet
    Qld mine would generate a fifth of the jobs proponents claimed

              Mar 2016
    If Future Fund considers Adani loan, Costello has lost the plot - Ian Dunlop
    Qld Development Minister won't rush approval

    Feb 2016
    $30m coal rail investments written off
    Adani seeks costs after failed legal challenge
    Adani considers solar power investment in suffering mining town
    Qld gov't gives final environmental approval...
    ... but Minister says more checks to pass...
    ... and Adani suspends work pending price rebound Jan 2016
    Adani "probably forgot" to mention director's foul record
    34% drop in Indian coal imports buries Galilee mine - IEEFA
    Dec 2015
    Hunt approves sea grass-destroying coal terminal expansion
    Adani mine unlikely to be viable - IEA
    Qld land court rejects Coast & Country's environmental challenge
    Nov 2015
    Coal quality would be barely better than Indian domestic - fact check
    Adani Australia boss oversaw disastrous African copper mine..
    .. a connection missed by approval process
    Oct 2015
    New court challenge: Hunt ignored GHG impact on reef
    Adani trying to tap Northern Infrastructure taxpayer funds
    Falling price of solar in India erodes Adani mine business case
    Hunt reapproves Carmichael mine, rail link
    Bid to stop Alpha mine escalated to Supreme Court
    Sep 2015
    Feds still support Adani's Carmichael mine..
    ... despite fossil fuel divestment reaching $2.6trn
    Business case deteriorates further - IEEFA
    NAB, LG walk away
    Aug 2015
    Adani's history of schmoozing Oz pollies
    Adani going cold on Carmichael?
    Standard Chartered latest bank to dump mine
    Law change could backfire - legal experts
    ... Gov't's pro-coal / anti-wind double-standard
    ... Abbott sees Greens under the beds - Waleed Aly
    Commbank pulls out of Carmichael mine..
    ... after Hunt's approval rejected by court
    ... leading Gov't to try shifting the goalposts
    Aussie coal priced out by solar in India
    Mine 'unbankable' - Qld treasury
    Expect no tax revenue - expert witness
    Miner's expert admits claims of economic benefit were grossly inflated...

    ... and exec vague on crucial numbers

    Direct Action

    Nov 2018
    $24m of contracts cancelled for non-delivery 

    Oct 2018
    Businesses grow more sceptical of ERF 

    May 2018
    $1bn of DA spending wiped out in two years of land clearing ...
    ... and $m wasted on projects that would have happened anyway

    Mar 2018
    Even after raising, exceeded baselines drive "C price" to $18/t

    Dec 2017
    Review confirms doubts over effectiveness
    Nov 2017
    Big emitters exceeding caps, need to buy credits
    May 2017
    Meeting Paris commitment this way will cost taxpayers $23bn
    Apr 2017
    ERF uptake slumps
    Dec 2016
    Green Army to be demobbed
    Nov 2016
    83% of ERF spent, achieving only the easiest 12% of 2030 task - Climate Institute
    Oct 2016
    DA is of negligible benefit -
    Sep 2016
    Soil sequestration rate overstated 40% - UCI
    No reductions before 2030 on current policies - Reputex

    Big emitters unmotivated since end of C-tax
    Aug 2016
    Emissions baselines too generous to drive abatement
    May 2016
    Two-thirds budget spent on 7% of abatement for 2030
    Feb 2016
    Participants' overheads cripple ERF scheme
    Top emitters just emit more and more
    Qld land clearing to wipe out gains under Direct Action
    Dec 2015
    Green Army budget halved
    Policy "fiscally unsustainable" - CCA
    Nov 2015
    Australia's emissions heading to grow 6% by 2020 - Reputex
    Second round auction over budget and still falling way short of targets
    Abatement purchases won't keep up with other emissions growth - Reputex
    Soil sequestration overstated - CSIRO
    Oct 2015
    Direct Action might yield to ETS in 2017
    Sep 2015
    Turnbull's erstwhile dismissal of Direct Action still valid..
    .. but Frydenberg maintains the same lies to support it
    Aug 2015
    Direct Action safeguards "lenient, ineffective" - RepuTex
    Missing 'additionality' clause weakens Direct Action
    $2.55bn Direct Action fund will only get 11% emissions cut - RepuTex
    Direct Action 'safeguards' designed to fail - Grattan Institute
    Direct Action budget all spent by 2016 - Reputex
    Direct Action cost-effectiveness "not even worth modelling" - Reputex
    Citigroup dismisses Direct Action as useless and expensive
    Matching US cuts by Direct Action would cost $30bn/y - Climate Institute
    Ex-Treasury boss attacks Direct Action
    First ERF auction bought abatement at $66/tCO2
    Even the first bids exceed ERF budgeted rate for reduction target...
    ...Most of the accepted bids will only sequester carbon for 100 years
    ...And most of the rest turn out to be already in train
    Emissions Reduction Fund auction starts...
    ... but value of soil sequestration put in doubt

    Wind farm 'syndrome'

    Dec 2017 
    Waubra stripped of tax-deductible status

    Apr 2017
    Complainants may be presuming wind farm as cause, bypassing doctor - Commissioner

    Aug 2015
    Professor blasts anti-wind "wing-nuts"

    July 2015
    Anti-wind senate inquiry reaches predictable position...
    ... Minority report terms it "reckless"
    The Oz uncritically reports another shoddy infrasound study
    June 2015
    Senate told wind farm noise complaints made while not operating
    WA farmers at peace with their turbines
    Expert tells Senate inquiry no evidence for wind farm health harm
    Don't waste money investigating wind farms, or alien abduction - Di Natale
    .. like having a commissioner into reports of Leprechauns - Prof. Chapman
    Despite experts and evidence, Leyonhjelm sure wind farms hurt health
    Bob Day demented by infrasound...
    ... but farmer has no complaints
    Still no evidence for infrasound harm from wind farms - acoustics experts 
    Nimmitabel farmer endorses wind farms, no complaints
    Chook farmer pokes fun at claims wind farms harm egg production
    Appalling, shoddy anti-wind study makes The Oz' front page
    SA court overturns rejection of wind farm; antis' evidence "not credible"
    Another NHMRC study finds inadequate evidence around wind farm health issues
    AMA blames wind turbine syndrome on scare tactics
    Only evidence for wind farm health harm is weak - NHMRC
    "Houses abandoned near wind farms" a myth
    Wind farm noise does you good - if you expect it to
    Complaints of night-time wind farm noise - while it was not operating
    Waubra citizens sick of anti-wind group using their name
    Wind farm critic's accounts stretch credulity
    SA study: wind farms only harm your health if you expect them to
    Anti-wind farm lobby makes people sick - study
    Wind farms have boosted rural economy $4b
  • SA EPA finds wind farm infrasound far less than many common sources

  • Judges found anti-wind farm testimony conflicted and without merit
    Wind farm noise might annoy, but it won't harm - MIT study
    98% wind turbine syndrome claims fail in court
    Bonn (COP23), Marrakech (COP22), Paris (COP21) 

    Nov 2018
    Among G20, only India on course for Paris compliance

    Aug 2018
    Progress on Paris - fact check by Erwin Jackson 

    July 2018
    Judge finds UK gov't not in breach of Paris agreement 

    May 2018
    Poor progress at Bonn leads to retry in Bangkok 

    Feb 2018
    Countries may make trade contingent on adherence to Paris commitment 

    Dec 2017
    50 countries, regions and businesses commit to zero coal (but not Aus)

    Nov 2017
    Bonn made some progress, so much to do
    Paris target slipping from reach as China's power emissions rise again

    Trump contingent at Bonn booed, "like big tobacco at a cancer summit"

    US pro-action coalition seeks seat at Bonn

    Aus beats Syria to ignominy of Fossil Award

    Fossil fuel companies undermining Paris implementation

    Emissions set to exceed Paris deal by 30%, leading to 3
    °C warming 

    Oct 2017
    Paris agreement would require C-price of $100/t

    May 2017 
    EU and 79 developing nations commit to defend agreement in Bonn
    Trump defers Paris exit

    Fiji asks Turnbull to lobby Trump to stick with Paris agreement

    Apr 2017
    US should renegotiate Paris Accord, not quit - US Energy Secy, Rick Perry 

    Nov 2016
    CEOs urge Trump to honour Paris agreement
    US accepts half million signature petition to exclude fossil fuel lobby

    Australian efforts ranked 5th weakest of 58 countries

    Marrakesh round of climate talks
    : Paris not ambitious enough

    Oct 2016
    Australia ratifies Paris agreement ...
    ... but meeting it equates to closing one Hazelwood a year

    Sep 2016:

    Threshold ratification quota reached, Australia still MIA
    On present policies, we'll fail Paris by 1bn tonnes, fair share by 2bn tonnes - Reputex

    Mar 2016
    The world since Paris - a review

    Feb 2016
    Post-Paris advice from UK climate committee disappoints
    Jan 2016
    Australia snubs first post-Paris conference 
    Dec 2015
    Paris agreement spells end for coal - UBS
    We'll be hated like slave traders - Coal Lobbyist [Seems fair - ed] 
    After 21 years of COP, Paris marks transition to the Renewables Age
    Experts react
    What nations need now is a sense of urgency - Bill McKibben
    How it came together
    What a 1.5°C limit would mean for CO2 emissions
    Key outcomes
      + Try to limit rise to 1.5oC
      ... but top US advisor says it's impossible
      + Try for net zero emissions by 2100
      + Take stock in 2018 and every 5 years after
      + Intention to provide $100bn/y to aid developing countries' adaptation
      -  Nothing legally binding, not even existing pledges, which anyway will lead to 2.7oC warming
    Australia backs Carbon market post-2020
    Bishop earns fossil of the day award for 'coal fights hunger'
    Nationals' support of farmers' cheap diesel stymies subsidy phase-out in Paris
    Le Monde brands Australia a "climate dunce"

    National Energy Guarantee (NEG)

    When Alan Finkel released his report, the Government backbench blocked any thought of a CET.   In October 2017, Malcolm Turnbull assembled an Energy Security Board (ESB)with a worryingly short deadline.  Later in October, they proposed a National Energy Guarantee (NEG).  Responses have been mixed, but it looks likely to frighten off renewables investment, pushing prices up in the longer term.

    Aug 2018

    July 2018

    June 2018

    May 2018

    Apr 2018

    Mar 2018

    Feb 2018

    Dec 2017


    Finkel Energy Review  

    The Finkel Review of energy was set up by COAG in late 2016.  On 9th June 2017, the panel handed down its report on balancing power prices with reliability and emissions reduction.  Faced with the Federal government's fatwa against a Carbon Tax, an Emissions Intensity Scheme, a Cap and Trade scheme, or most else that makes sense, the Finkel report proposes a Clean Energy Target (CET).

    This scheme sets a threshold for emissions as so many tonnes of CO2 per MWh.  Generators below that gain credits which they can sell to the utilities.  The difference from the existing RET is that any form of generation below the threshold can earn some credits, not just the renewable sources like solar and wind.  Dr. Finkel hopes this compromise will allow some political bipartisanship, ending the chaos that has been disastrous for energy investment.

    Note that there is no discrimination between power sources above the threshold. 

    The report uses a threshold of 0.6tCO2e/MWh in its modelling, but does not prescribe this.  It proposes the existing RET continue in parallel until its planned end in 2020.  Predictably, the political stoush now centres on the threshold.  0.6 will tend to phase out coal moderately swiftly, while 0.7 gives it a longer lease of life, perhaps even allowing some new high-efficiency coal plant.  

    John Howard's 2007 version defined low emissions as below 0.2tCO2e/MWh!

    Of those demanding that coal, specifically, is maintained, Dr. Finkel asks why we should care what the technology is so long as it competes fairly on price, functionality and emissions.  In fact, there are good reasons to care:

    • It is not just GHG emissions.  Coal power inflicts health harms with significant cost to the nation's taxpayers.
    • Generating plant is a big investment.  The power mix that results will be with us for 30 years or more.  A major roll out of gas power, say, will inhibit further emissions cuts that may be vital by 2030.

    Nov 2017
    Finkel takes swipe at continuing policy paralysis 

    Sep 2017

    Feds must adopt CET to avoid conflicting State schemes - Finkel
    Demand Response would obviate need for more plant - Energy Security Board

    Feds should "get out of the way" of providing energy security - Oliver Yates

    Aug 2017
    Turnbull waters down CET
    Top economists accept Finkel plan better than nothing
    ... but too weak for Paris accord

    July 2017
    SA, Qld, Vic, ACT seek to go without Feds on CET
    CET needs more ambition to cut emissions - Garnaut

    June 2017 
    AEMC rejects need for all generators to provide back-up...
    ... new AEMO head likewise unconvinced ...
    ... It's AEMO's call - Frydenberg
    Investors prefer solar and wind because they're cheaper and quicker - Finkel

    Finkel's CET no better on emissions than existing State-based schemes

    Frydenberg moots 1 hour storage requirement on new wind and solar
    Finkel's modelling shows CET will extend life of coal, barely cut emissions
    .... while ignoring latest advances in renewables and storage
    Labor to query unambitious 2070 date for net zero

    Right-wing Libs demand guarantees for coal
    Won't save the planet - ACF
    Adds storage requirement to individual wind and solar farms
    A mixed bag - Giles Parkinson
    Promotes gas, ignores coal's health costs - FoE

    May 2017
    Panel finds we are behind US, Europe on new energy policy

    CEFC to Finkel: Coal and gas are not the answer
    AEMO to Finkel: AEMC too slow to adapt

    Mar 2017
    Network lambasts gas plant operators in Finkel submission

    The 2013/2014 Carbon Tax

    Oct 2016
    Emissions up 4.8% since tax scrapped
    Aug 2015

    Hockey's "$550 of electricity bills" tripled the truth - Fact Check
    July 2015
    Why industry barely felt the C-price - CCBR's Gavin Glichrist
    Only 21% voters think C-price cost much - poll
    Emissions from power generation up 4.3% after C-tax axed
    Without C-tax, emissions soar Bill savings from C-tax repeal only 63% of election promise C-tax repeal only cut prices 7.3% - ACCC
    End of C-tax sees energy emissions rise 11%
    Hunt repeats 'cost of C-tax' nonsense calculation
    End of C-tax sees coal generation up, higher demand
    Axing the tax to cost $20bn over four years - 59 economists
    Household gain from ending carbon and mining taxes outweighed by lost benefits
    C-tax 2yr report card: covered emissions down 10%, economy up 3.5%, inflation fine
    Hockey blames C-tax for inflation; real economists blame weather and falling dollar

     Large Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET)

    The Renewable Energy Targets are split into the SRES for systems up to 100kW (domestic, small scale commercial) and the LRET for larger systems (solar farms and large scale commercial).
    In each case, Government issues certificates when these systems are installed.  The number of certificates relates to the expected production of the installation.  For SRES, the certificates are issued in one hit; for LRET they are spread over the years of operation.
    The certificates can then be sold into a market.  Government requires electricity retailers to buy and surrender such certificates in proportion to the electricity they sell.  This ratio represents the 'target'.  (Installers of domestic systems quote the householder a price which assumes the certificates will be signed over to the installer.)
    When the LRET was introduced at Federal level, part of the deal prohibited states from having their own scheme (as it made things too complex).
    The Coalition Government endorses the SRES even though it is less efficient because it only displaces a small fraction of demand.  They attempted to slash the LRET by nearly 40%, but eventually compromised at 33TWh/year out of an original 41.
    Jan 2016 

    Abbott's savaging continues to dog RET


    PPA could let NSW make up for cut LRET

    Greens drafting "NSW LRET" legislation
    $85b costing of 50% LRET a gross exaggeration - CEC
    Labor's 50% renewable energy target:
    Shorten confirms 50% renewables by 2030 target...
    ... would cost households about $5/week
    Vic expects to get around ban on state LRET action
    Labor may cap vehicle and coal emissions, raise LRET
    Senate passes reduction in LRET, allows wood waste
    Fed Labor opposes states making up for LRET cutback
    PM wanted to cut LRET in order to limit wind farms
    Vic needs Fed law changed to allow reinstatement of state LRET
    Several states sign up to their share of LRET

    $450m Ararat wind farm a goer under LRET deal

    Coal Seam Gas (CSG)
    Feb 2016
    Methane seeps from Condamine coincide with CSG activity
    Undeclared political donations by licence holder
    Jan 2016
    Knitting Nannas arrested in CSG protest
    Dec 2015 
    IPART recommends CSG compensation for landholders and neighbours
    Aug 2015
    Shooters side with coalition to block NSW CSG moratorium 
    Apr 2015
    CSG not needed to meet national gas demand - AEMO 
    $200,000 buyback of CSG licences planned 
    CSG fracking affecting bore water extraction 
    CSG industry exaggerates job creation tenfold 

    "Cleaner" coal

    "Clean coal" used to mean CCS - carbon capture and storage.  Confusingly, the term is now being applied also to USC - Ultra-supercritical coal plant.  CCS can capture up to 90% of the CO2, whereas USC only reduces emissions by up to 20%, and maybe not at all.  Both are far more expensive ways to make electricity than solar and wind.

    Mar 2017 
    CEFC rejects "clean coal" as unfinanceable
    No such thing as Clean Coal - WA Premier Colin Barnett

    Feb 2017
    USC not viable in Aus - SC Energy
    New data shows USC barely any less polluting than existing plant

    Morrison proves coal is safe .... in the form of coal
    CEFC required to invest sensibly, so cannot fund "cleaner coal"
    Joyce wants renewables fund spent on "new coal" ...
    ... Canavan has $5bn to waste on it ...
    ... SA Energy Minister dismisses "clean coal" as a fairy tale ...
    ... double the cost of solar and wind, even without CO2 capture - BNEF

    Great Barrier (and other Aussie) Reefs

    Oct 2018
    NOAA predicts another mass bleaching 

    Aug 2018
    Turnbull falsely claims UNESCO put reef onto "watchlsist" under Labor
    Reefgate: $444m splurge threatens independence of public research
    ... CSIRO worried much will be wasted on overheads
    Half the reef is dead

    July 2018
    Tourism industry wakes up to Adani and climate change
    Bleaching to become normal - Climate Council

    Jun 2018
    WA's Ningaloo won't keep pace with sea level rise 

    May 2018
    Felling trees in catchment will wipe out reef rescue package 

    Apr 2018
    Feds' extra $500m for reef, none for climate change
    C'wealth funding for reef water quality cut $11m

    30% of corals died in 2016 heatwave

    Feb 2018
    The reef is fine, says The Oz, quoting climate-denying non-experts 

    Jan 2018
    Plastic bag ban will help 

    June 2017
    Deloitte values Reef at $56bn
    Water quality targets will be missed

    May 2017
    Listing as endangered heritage now likely
    Half the reef may have died in the last two years - Reef Authority 

    Apr 2017
    Scientists in despair over Reef's prospects, two-thirds severely bleached

    Mar 2017 
    Reef will not cope with increased bleaching rate
    Yet more mass bleaching

    Feb 2017
    Bleaching is the new normal - GBRMPA

    Jan 2017
    Neil Oliver raises alarm in Coast 

    Dec 2016
    UNESCO quizzes Aus officials as reef protection falls short
    Dead by 2050 on current warming trend

    2/3 of us think the state of the reef is a national emergency - poll

    Nov 2016
    Frydenberg implies coal exports matter more than the reef
    Hanson goes looking for reef damage in the wrong place
    ... so misses worst die-off in history
    Promises to protect the reef broken - report to WHC

    Ban new coal mines to save the reef - former head of GBR Authority 

    Oct 2016
    Nearly 90% coral died in Northern GBR regions 

    Sep 2016
    Weakened coral falls prey to Crown of Thorns

    $8.2bn to save the reef, $6bn of it being due to land clearing
    Tourism operators call for urgent action on climate

    Qld Minister calls on Hunt to act on climate, Hunt tosses it back to Qld
    Scale of bleaching frightens scientists...
    ... affects 93%
    To save the reef, Hunt must face facts
    Hunt jumps gun on taking Attenborough doco as sign of reef health
    Addressing climate change key to saving Reef - Marine scientists
    Reef bleaching worst in memory... 
    ... but Hunt downplays it
    Pollies in thrall to Big Coal
    Q'land media ignores crisis
    Corals losing resilience